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   Consultation Fee   
  We offer three types of consultation options, catering to our clients' interests. 
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Our Commitment    
1. Subject-based Consultation
Our Services    
Consultation Fee   Consultation for a specific aspects of your financial planning is also available,
  such as managing your investments, insurance, real estate, inheritance, as well
About Us   as retirement planning. The fee will not be less than 50,000 Japanese yen,
Contact Us   while the comprehensive financial planning is 70,000 Japanese yen or more,
  depending on the case. 
  2. Hourly Consultation 
    For non-members, the consultation fee is 10,000* Japanese yen per hour.
  3. Annual Membership 
    Initial membership fee is 30,000* Japanese yen and annual renewal fee is  
    50,000* Japanese yen.
    * Tax is included in the fee.
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